Tuesday, March 11, 2008

two birds, one stone.

I'm all about recycling. especially my own verbiage. this here's a reprint from my alter ego at girlslearntoride.com. Get used to it.

me1.jpgHello. Welcome to what will hopefully become a regular letter from the editor(ial director).
Though I often kick myself for not blathering pontificating here more often, I was inspired this morning to put down the coffee and type some. In an age-old show of DIY spunk, two eighth-grade girls in Pembroke, MA, took it upon themselves last week to approach their local Board of Selectmen (i.e. elected officials) with a proposal to build a new skatepark in their town. (You can read the story here. Make sure you peruse the entertaining comments from the readers.)
These days, and thankfully, getting a park built in your town isn't news. But the fact that this effort is being spearheaded not only by young local skateboarders, but by female young local skateboarders, is. The biggest and most delicious shock, however, is that the reporter, Bill Fonda, did not once go traipsing down Girl Power Avenue. Apart from mentioning that the girls were girls by way of basic pronouns, Fonda kept the lady bits out of the story.

This is, in my book, commendable. And a luxurious relief.

One might argue that he's simply done his job -- just the facts, ma'am. But it never ceases to amaze me how often writers in Fonda's situation have used such hooks to wriggle down into the familiar muck of pitting girls against boys, trying (however innocently) to say how rad we all are by commending us for being just like the dudes. Or at least to develop some tired, completely unfunny opening paragraph applauding our un-stereotypical appreciation for dirt, disregard for our manicures, or brave embrace of the tomboy moniker.

It's enough to make a girl quit reading the headlines. Or at least to quit reading them first thing in the morning.

Either way, I guess I just want to thank Monsieur Fonda for sticking to the story. I hope we see more of this kind of actual reportage in the future, and on websites other than this one.

I suppose my sentiments regarding the subsequent message-board banter can be summed up by quoting two of its posts:
1. "Good luck and where can I donate?"
2. "What a bunch of cranky jerks!"

Okay, maybe three, but this has nothing to do with the subject at hand:
"What does that guy have against latte??!!"


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