Thursday, May 8, 2008

extra! extra! read all about it...eventually

newsboy.jpgI've scribbled before about how I slog through 389789020924 stories a day to keep the GLTR news section fresh. What I may not have disclosed, but you've probably noticed, however, is that most teasers on our site have been edited to highlight the lady-related bits. Once you click through to the actual article, this info is likely to be buried near the end. And the chances of the woman in question's name showing up in the "real" headline probably ain't so good. Contest wrap-ups are the worst offenders -- you're usually clobbered by descriptions of Ricky Ripper's super-sick winning run from the headline through the first eight paragraphs before Rita Ripper's mere presence at the event is acknowledged.

the internets is a thicket of distraction

istock_concert-crowd.jpgThis is why I couldn't write my column this week.

This is the other reason.

Starsky Communication Dynasty, anyone?

P.S. You've bookmarked this already, right? Okay, good.

clothes horses, yes. clothes hangers, no more.

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A week-and-a-half ago, I had oral surgery. Groggy from the IV drip, I blurrily scanned my post-op directions as my dude prepared to drive us two-and-a-half farm-filled hours back to Mammoth from Carson City. (See, we have a hospital here, and a dentist or two, and a robust physical therapy clinic where you can rehab every broken piece of your park-beaten kneecap, but you're sort of out of luck if you need glasses, or braces, or your gums sawed open in the name of periodontics.) Apparently, I was to stick to a strict diet of smoothies, soup, and protein shakes for the next week, so as not to disturb the very delicate nature of my fresh wound.